The intersectionality of prejudice and inequality is woven throughout our culture. Our team believes in open communication and transparent conversations when it comes to inclusion.

We do not have the answers but continue to learn and believe that education, in combination with active participation, can help bring about a culture shift to more inclusion, protection and support to marginalized communities.

When discussing systemic racism in real estate ownership and the services that accompany our industry, we strive to continually explore and confront deeply entrenched issues. The Canadian BIPOC community is presently being discriminated against through historic racism and it is our job to acknowledge this and work hard to try and change these biases. BIPOC lives matter.

The Andy & Paddy Team - Inclusivity
Inclusivity - The Andy and Paddy Team - Ottawa Real Estate Agents

Being a proud queer couple has given us so much. We are grateful to live in a country that allowed us to live safely and establish a life in an accepting community, however this is not the case for thousands of Canadians. We have also felt unsafe at times in our own city. Violence and trauma is a hallmark of many queer peoples lives both in Canada and abroad. The trans community has and continues to struggle to find the most basic forms of acceptance. Trans Lives Matter.

We invite you to join us as we educate ourselves and endeavour to understand the role of prejudice and systematic racism in our society. Here are a few resources to explore that we recommend.

The Neoliberal City and the Gentrification of Herongate

S2: The Indian Act
The Secret Life of Canada

How To Be An Anti-Racist

State Violence in Canada from Slavery to the Present